Sampling Gentoo penguins in Byers peninsula (Antarctica)
Dr. Jacob González-Solís
Dept. Biologia Animal
Universitat de Barcelona

Department of Animal Biology UB
Universitat de Barcelona  IRBio

I am a researcher in the fields of the evolutionary ecology, behaviour and conservation. My research aims to understand how ecological diversity arose and what are the key processes driving the spatial and temporal dynamics of animal populations. I am concerned with the loss of biodiversity and therefore my research also intends to contribute to the field of conservation biology.

My research includes observational and experimental field studies integrating multidisciplinary approaches and tools, such as molecular, stable isotope, physiological, microbiological and contamination analyses. I also instrument animals with different sort of devices to track their movements and activity.

My study model is primarily birds, in particular seabirds. My main research sites over the last few years are Macaronesic archipelagos, particularly Cape Verde and Canary Islands, as well as polar and subpolar regions.

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